Size guide

Vintage garments have different sizes than the current ones, so to make it easier for you, we put the current sizes to which each garment corresponds in the product description (the size on the label may not correspond to the size in the description, don't worry. Pay attention to the size indicated on the label).

FIT: We have developed a code so you can know what the garment is like

Normal The garment has a normal size.
Short The garment is short.
Long The garment is long.
Oversized The garment is wide or baggy.
Narrow The garment is tight or has a small size.

Shirts (approximate contour measurements in cm) :


Up to 102

102 - 110

110 - 120

120 - 130

130 - 138

From 138

*Other sizes consult measurements.

Pants and skirts : The measurements of the pants/skirts are found in the product description. We recommend that you be guided by the measurement in cm instead of the size since manufacturers vary their measurements a lot within the same size number. On the other hand, to check the measurements, do it by taking your own measurements and not measuring those of another pair of pants since it could be pants with lycra and lead to errors.

Other measures : you can consult other measures through our web chat, on Instagram ( @ghettogato ) or by email ( ).