unisex ghetto cat

After 4 years with Ghetto Gato, one of the questions that bothers me most is whether a garment is 'for women or men'. Does it really matter if a garment was originally made for men or women? After all, it is a piece of fabric with shape, texture and print. Why have we assigned sex to shapes or colors? I think it doesn't make any sense.

Unfortunately today there are still many stereotypes and barriers that prevent us from being truly free when it comes to expressing ourselves, our mission is to break them. Fashion is our daily and constant form of expression and the clothes we wear should reflect our interior, our desires, concerns and our personality. In my opinion, our style of dressing should not be subjected to gender roles and be a prison (I even see hints of homophobia and sexism in the attitude of some people regarding the gender of clothing).

I always get a giggle when I read that they try to sell me something as 'unisex' (trying to make this an added value of the product). Unisex is EVERYTHING, the problem is that we have created barriers around fashion and now the term is used for commercial purposes.

Dear Zara, the unisex collection that you launched in 2016 were the basics that you usually sell to which you put a 'unisex' label and you tried to sell us the motorcycle! ⛔️ Dear Zara, unisex is EVERYTHING but you insist on making a difference. Dear Zara, evolution please, 21st century!

When they ask me if something is for a man or a woman, my answer is that it is a piece of cloth and that anyone can wear it. I never wanted to make differentiations and that is the reason why the Ghetto Gato website is not divided by gender but by types of clothing (you already know the reason if you have ever wondered 😋).

I could go on for a long time talking about this topic, but I'll summarize it with this: wear what you like, wear it how you like and combine it however you want, never stop doing it.

It goes without saying that this post is entirely my opinion and I do not intend to offend anyone with it. If you want to make your contribution, I invite you to leave your comment on this post (always with respect please).💖 I would like to read your opinion, correct me if I'm wrong or give me a new vision on the subject!


Hola!! He comprado una prenda y estoy totalmente de acuerdo con tu post pero imagino que cuando alguien pregunta es porque al ser ropa diseñada por otras marcas estas sí han diferenciado el tallaje. Por ejemplo para mi no es lo mismo una S de chica que de chico de una sudadera de una marca X. Un saludoo!!




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