Frequent questions

FAQ - These are the questions you ask us most often. We hope to resolve your doubts!

  • Do you have another size? 👚 Our clothes are vintage and we only have one size. They are garments that are generally 20 years old and are usually second-hand, so it is almost impossible to have sizes available. In the product description we put the sizes to which each garment corresponds but we do not have stock. Sometimes we are lucky enough to have multiple sizes because we find vintage stock!
  • How much is the shipping? Do you ship outside of Spain? 📦💨 Shipping costs depend on what you are ordering. If you add the items to the cart and act as if you were going to order them, the website will tell you how much the shipping costs are. From €50 (in the Peninsula) shipping costs are free. We ship to all of Spain and the rest of Europe (contact us if you want to order from outside Spain). We also ship via Vinted to the countries available in the application.
  • How long does shipping take? If the Post Office doesn't mess it up, your order takes between 3 and 4 business days to reach you from the time we send it (the shipment is managed and delivered at the Post Office in approximately 24/48 hours)! Preparation time varies between 24 and 48 hours. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays we do not deliver packages to the Post Office, they are sent directly on Mondays. We send all packages by certified mail with tracking number 💕.
  • I have placed an order and I have entered the wrong address, what should I do? Contact us at . If the order has not been shipped we will correct the error before shipping it and you will soon have it with you at the correct address! If it has been sent, the order will be returned by Correos due to the wrong address and this will entail return costs. If you want to resend it, you must pay for a new shipment and the return costs. If you do not want to resend it, the purchase amount will be refunded, except for shipping and return costs. The price of the return costs varies depending on the weight and size of the package, but generally it will be the same amount that was paid for shipping when placing the order.
  • Can the garments be returned? You have the return policy in a link at the bottom of our website, at the bottom of the payment page and in the description of the products. You can also click here .
  • Can I buy the garments by hand in Alicante? 👏🏻 Yes, we have a physical store in Alicante! Click here for more information. You can also place your order online and by entering the Alicante postal code it will give you the option to choose “Pickup in Alicante” at no additional cost.
  • I have purchased on your website with 'Pickup in Alicante, when and where can I collect my order? To pick up your order, come during business hours to our store in the center of Alicante (Calle Susana Llaneras, 46). You have 1 year to collect your order, if you do not collect it within that period the order will be considered abandoned. If you want to change or return your order, you have 14 days from the purchase date (keep this in mind for possible changes or returns).
  • Do you make reservations? No, we do not take reservations because they are unique garments and are available in store and on the website. Who arrives before he wears it! Buy now or cry later
  • Do you buy clothes? Where do you get the clothes from? No, we do not buy from individuals. However, if you have a large stock you can contact us. Just as a chef does not tell you his secret ingredient, we cannot share information about our suppliers either 😋.
  • What payment methods can I use? Do you do cash on delivery? 💳 On our website you can pay by card, Paypal, Amazon Pay and Google Pay! We also accept cryptocurrencies! We do not do cash on delivery.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us on Instagram ( @ghettogato ) or Facebook ( Ghetto Gato Vintage ).