Are vintage clothes used clothes?

Vintage is used

As a result of these months that I have been serving the public in our vintage store in Alicante, I have observed a question that is constantly repeated: 'Is it used clothing?'

With this post I would like to answer one of the doubts that arise the most and that sometimes come from ignorance of the term vintage. To know how to differentiate between vintage, antique, retro or old you can click on this previous post in which we explain it in more detail.

But, to get to the point, are vintage clothes always used clothes? NO! , vintage clothing does not have to be second-hand, there is what is known in the vintage world as deadstocks . These are old new stocks with labels that were not sold at the time and were stored. In many cases these are garments that are in perfect condition, however depending on the circumstances in which they were stored they may have deteriorated. These deadstocks come from stores that closed at the time or excessive production of which there was a lot of leftover.

This is why vintage does not necessarily mean used , vintage garments can be new or second-hand, but what is absolutely necessary for us to consider them vintage is that they are more than 20 years old.

In the vintage sector, these deadstocks are the most sought after and appreciated by us sellers since they are brand new products that require minimal processing. Sometimes these products may need washing due to odors or accumulated dust (after all, they are garments that are more than 20 years old!) but they are generally in impeccable condition .

A disadvantage that there may be with these products is that there is not always availability of sizes , many times the most common sizes are those that were sold at the time and sometimes there are a lot of some sizes and few of others.

Personally, Ghetto Gato Vintage I try hard and search like crazy to get deadstocks and I feel very lucky every time I find one. So far I have gotten a lot of jeans, accessories, swimsuits and shirts from old stores that closed and now they once again have the opportunity to find someone to give them the life they deserve ...

Have you ever found a new vintage gem with tag? Tell me in comments!

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