Levi's labels (part I)

ghetto cat labels Levi's

You have probably seen many types of Levi's labels and perhaps at some point you have doubted whether it was an original product of the brand or a copy. Let me tell you that the color of the Levis back label changes color depending on the type of garment, year of manufacture and even the type of fabric. The labels on Levi's garments are called Tab (label in English). Starting in the 50s and 60s, Levi's began to add different colors to its label to differentiate its lines. Today I show you some.

Levi's capital E big capital letter

- Capital E Label - Capital E Tab - Levi's Big E: This label is the first for Levi's. It was born in 1936 by Chris Lucier and was used until 1971, from that year onwards Levi's began to use lowercase letters on its labels. For denim collectors it is the Holy Grail of jeans. We can find it in different colors but mostly in red. These Levi's can be worth up to €3000 . So far I haven't been lucky enough to find any...

Levi's red tab red label

- Red label (with Levi's writing) - Red Tab: the classic, born in 1971. They have six rivets on the front pockets, five loops and their back pockets are not square but trapezoidal in shape. The red label Levi's that we find today have a renewed sewing method that was implemented in 1999. Curiously, this label is the one that we associate with the brand's best quality product, however it is used on the usual quality product.

Levi's orange label orange tab

- Orange label - Orange Tab: they appear for the first time in 1969 until 1999. This label helps us differentiate the most youthful garments with more experimental and trendy designs. In 2001 the orange label was reborn and Levi's began to reissue the most iconic vintage Orange Tab models. Personally, they are the models that I like the most since the cut of the jeans is perfect for hourglass figures. The Orange Tab differs from the Red Tab mainly in the stitching and design method. They have six rivets on the front pockets, seven loops and their back pockets are square, they have no top seam.

Levi's white label white tab corduroy

- White label - White Tab: this label is found mostly on corduroy products but the brand also used it in the Levi's for Gals collection (1960's and 70's).

We still have many labels to discover together. Did you know these labels? Leave me a comment if you want part two and tell me if you have any of these labels in your closet!


Tengo un pantalón Levis con la E mayúscula y una chamarra Lee sanforized

Rafael Avila

Yo tengo una chamarra de mezclilla con la etiqueta gris… será original o no hay así? Saludos.

Alberto Martínez

tengo una duda, en la etiqueta redtab de lee levis de arriba hacia abajo, y por detrás se lee de abajo hacia arriba, yo pienso que esto es oficial para todas las etiquetas redtab, lo digo porque tengo una camisa y una chaqueta donde en la etiqueta redtab se lee levis de arriba hacia abajo por ambos lados, esa es mi duda, no se si sea una imitación, o exista ahora esa modalidad en algunas prendas de levis,

hugo colmenares

Vivo en usa y mi esposo tiene varios jeans Levi’S y encontré unos etiqueta naranja pero la etiqueta naranja no dice Levi,s sólo tiene una R en un círculo , que me imagino que es significa : registrado . Es un Levi’s 517 que es el bootscut jeans , y está hecho en usa , yo lo verifiqué. Igual es raro que la etiqueta de género atrás no diga Levi s , sabes algo al respecto ?

Gracie Wheeler

Tengo un jacket Vintage ,con etiqueta celeste (azulada) , de que año será???


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