5 designers with curious professions (before being designers)

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Not all designers were clear that they wanted to dedicate themselves to fashion when they were asked as children 'what do you want to be when you grow up?'. Many of them focused their careers on areas completely removed from the world of fashion, but nevertheless destiny led them to be designers. We leave you this list of 5 designers who had professions totally removed from sewing:

1. Miuccia Prada studied Political Science but what is really surprising about her is that she worked as a mime before devoting herself professionally to fashion. His great passions were politics, fashion and theater. 🎭

2. Coco Chanel was a singer. 🎤 His salary was reduced to the tips that the public put on the plate that he passed at the end of his performance in the cafe where he performed.

3. Viviene Westwood despite being interested in fashion, worked as a primary school teacher for a year before pursuing her dream as a fashion designer. 📝

4. Franco Moschino, before having his own brand, studied Fine Arts and worked as an illustrator for Gianni Versace during the 70s. 🎨

5. Emilio Pucci represented Italy in the 1932 Winter Olympics as a skier and coached the first ski team at the Reed School in Portland. ⛷ He had previously abandoned his studies in Agriculture (cotton farming) at the University of Georgia.

Which one surprised you the most? I love knowing that Versace and Moschino crossed paths for 6 years!!! 💖


Por fin un Bolg con contenido de calidad. Gracias por compartir estos artículos. Me tienes totalmente enganchada 😍


Muy interesante, quiero más entradas así!!!!


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