Why do 'old' jeans last longer?

"I had Levi's that lasted me 15 years", "they don't make jeans like they used to" and "now pants don't last at all" are phrases that you have probably heard on some occasion. They are all right! But have you ever wondered why? 👖

Liberto vintage jeans 100% Cotton Denim fabric was originally used for the work clothes of miners in the Western USA during the gold rush, who needed clothing made of resistant materials that would protect them and at the same time have good durability. Over time, jeans became popular: they began to be used outside of the workplace and we continue to use them today (so much so that we have forgotten that they emerged as work clothing). But what makes jeans of better quality in the past? The secret is in the cotton; They used to be made of 100% cotton and this is what made them so durable. In recent decades, cotton has been combined with other materials such as elastane (lycra) to make more flexible garments and this has caused them to lose quality. The most elastic fibers are also the ones that take the least time to break since, due to friction (wear and tear) and expanding/contracting, they break and make the fabric increasingly thinner and eventually tear. Vintage jeans, being made of cotton, have greater durability since they resist abrasion better.

Another reason why it is said that old jeans were better is because of the cut: high waist, narrow waist and wider at the hips, tailored to the body of that time. Currently the industry uses the smallest amount of fabric possible to make garments and reduce costs, which results in a less precise fit .

Also, have you noticed that vintage jeans give a little when you wear them, but every time you wash them they return to their place? This is because cotton is capable of regenerating due to its low elasticity and when it comes into contact with water it returns to its original state. Of course, always wash your 100% cotton jeans in cold water because they could shrink (they tend to shrink in length, but it's better not to risk it!). However, jeans that have elastane at first return well to their place but over time they end up not recovering their shape because the elastic fibers stop contracting. This also makes stretch jeans less durable.

Our recommendation if you want a pair of jeans that will last forever: 100% cotton. If you don't want to give up the comfort of elastane, look for jeans that are 98% cotton and 2% elastane. 💙

What do you prefer, the stretch jeans of today or the 100% cotton ones of yesteryear? Leave it to us in comments 🖍👇


Los vaqueros de hoy son una MIERDA. No los veo 100% algodón y estrechos como a mi me gustan. Gas los tenía pero bajo mucho la calidad y ya nada.


Me confundo con la variedad de jeans que existen ahora. Me compro una talla que parece quedarme bien pero como son elásticos se agranda con el uso y empieza a caerse. Realmente me gustaban los pantalones de mezclilla de antes aunque no fueran ajustados pero ya no los encuentro. ¿Dónde se consiguen sin fibras elasticas en la cdmx?


Hola Ariel! Gracias por tu comment ❤️ Es verdad que es bastante complicado encontrar los vaqueros perfectos, especialmente cuando se trata de vaqueros 100% algodón porque no ceden y puedes volverte loca con las tallas, pero una vez que los encuentras no te los quitas!! El caso es probarse mil hasta dar con el vaquero perfecto! 🥰

Ghetto Gato

¡Qué buenos consejos!
Sí que es verdad que yo siempre buscaba que fueran más elásticos para que se me adaptaran mejor al cuerpo, pero se me terminaban desgarrando por los bolsillos 😕. La clave es buscar y buscar unos 100% algodón que tengan un corte que te favorezca y ya tienes vaqueros para toda la vida jajajajaj. Yo todavía ando buscando unos para mí ☹️.
¡Gracias por la info! ¡Me encanta el blog! ☺️💕💕💕


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